Gregory Foster Photography

questions and answers

1. Why should I commission you to photograph my wedding?
-Because you want to deal with a true professional, someone who has been in business as a full time photographer for 25 years.
-Because you want your wedding photographed as if it were a photo essay for a major magazine.
-Because you DON'T want a photographer hovering over you, barking commands and directing your every move.
-Because you want a photographer who will be gracious and discrete, who will be exceedingly polite to you, your family, and your guests.
-Because you DON'T want a hipster photographer who will try to be the coolest cat at your party.
-Because you want a photographer who will keep your time spent on formal, posed portraits to a minimum, allowing you and your guests to get on with your day.
-Because you want a photographer who is experienced in magazine portraiture, in directing very famous and powerful subjects, and who will take charge and get your formal portraits done quickly and efficiently.
-Because you want a photographer who will be available, responsive, and helpful with any questions or concerns you might have - before, during, and after your wedding day.
-Because you want prints and a final album that will be pieces of fine art - family heirlooms.
-Because you want an experienced photographer who will approach your wedding photography with the instincts of a photojournalist and the eye of an artist.

2. What is good advice for a bride to be who is looking for a wedding photographer?
-Hire a true, real life, experienced professional photographer, talk to them and let them know what you are looking for, and don't worry about anything else as far as your photography is concerned, just trust the photographer and let them do what they do best.